Are we GDPR Compliant?

Are we GDPR compliant? We sure are!

We respect your decision to understand the data that you provide us as at Property Basecamp.

We capture your personal profile to allow us to provide you with a first class relocation experience and to make sure that we find you your perfect home away from home. To find out in greater detail what information we have captured just contact us here.

What if you want to cancel your subscription to Property Basecamp? Registered users can cancel their account by opting out at any time here or by contacting

What if you want to make changes to your profile data? Registered users may ask us to make any necessary changes here or by contacting to ensure that such information is accurate and kept up-to-date.

What if you are unhappy with our implementation of your data? If you are unhappy with our implementation of your personal profile data or you want to opt out of receiving any communications from Property Basecamp just confirm this here.

Do we use automation against your data? Yes we do, we use predictive algorithms to offer up tailor made suggestions to you for both potential properties and potential housemates (if applicable) that meet your own individual and unique needs.

How long do we hold your data? Data is held until you have secured your rental accommodation or cease services with Property Basecamp. If you want to opt out of relocation assistance confirm this here.