Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Property Basecamp?

Property Basecamp is a tech company that connects a globally mobile workforce to their perfect home away from home in one efficient and user centered experience.

We put the employee experience first by streamlining the relocation process; connecting the relocator to their perfect home based on their own individual and unique needs and much much more.

Why is Property Basecamp needed?

Up to now employees have been left uneducated and unsupported throughout their relocation and in particular the home finding process. This impacts their  productivity in their new role as well as their overall employee experience. Now they have Property Basecamp. A one-stop shop for all things relocation.

Who can use Property Basecamp?

Any employee who’s employer is a certified client of Property Basecamp can utilize the Property Basecamp services and technology. Generally speaking this is employees who have decided to take the leap and move from one city to another to start a new job.

What is a Certified Client?

For employees to avail of our full range of services we need to register their employer as a certified client. This only takes a few minutes so contact us directly here and our Community Managers can get your company set up straight away. 

Do we operate outside of Ireland and the UK?

Yes we sure do. We know that today really is a global market. We have relocated employees from all over the world be it New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, London and Tokyo. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you or your company just contact us here and we can discuss your options.

Where do we get our properties from?

We have a number of key relationships in place with some of the largest property providers around the world. We review all of these properties before making them available to our clients to make sure that they are of the highest standard.

Do we review/vet the properties?

As per above, Yes we do. All properties available to our clients and relocating employees are reviewed and approved by our quality control team. You will never see crap on our app.

Do we help individual relocators as well as people coming with a friend or partner?

Yes we do. We provide a ‘buddy-up’ option for relocating employees. It can be extremely expensive to rent your own place in major cities such as New York, London and Dublin. Because of this we connect relocating employees to each other who have similar interests and property requirements, allowing them to ‘buddy-up’ and secure a shared property together. This can be an excellent way to avoid expensive rent as well as a great way to meet new friends. 

Can landlords advertise their properties on our application?

As long as your property meets our quality control standards then we are more than happy to upload your property to the application. For more details on this process contact us here. 

Do we just help your employee with finding their property and nothing else?

Absolutely not! Despite our name (some exciting news about this coming soon) we do much more than just help your employee secure accommodation. We provide services for all aspects of the relocation journey. Everything from transport information, to spouse or partner support, to the set-up of bank accounts and community engagement. We are there every step of the way.

Does our work stop when you find somewhere to live?

As per the above. Absolutely NOT! When an employee becomes a PB (Property Basecamp) Member you are part of our family for life. We introduce you to the wider PB community where you can begin to build a strong support network, not just with their housemates and neighbours, but other relocating employees from all over your new city.