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Our Story

Property Basecamp began with a simple idea. An idea cultivated by a group of young professionals, a laptop and the desire to create something great. One that has now been defined as an application that has the potential to disrupt the global mobility industry.

So what actually is Property Basecamp? Property Basecamp has a very simple mission and that is to connect relocating professionals to their perfect home away from home in one efficient and human centered experience. However, Property Basecamp is about much more than just putting a roof overhead.

Our one of a kind PB community will provide you with the ability to ‘buddy-up’ with other relocating professionals in a house share or co-living flat.

You will be able to foster relationships and build a strong support network, not just with their housemates and neighbours, but other relocating professionals from all over your new city. Why not join a local tag rugby team or book a slot for our famous PB pub nights! 

About Us


With a unique balance of tech savvy developers, award winning designers and visionary analysts, we have come together to provide you with a first class application, married with the very best relocation support from our community management relocation team.

We are currently working in partnership with some of the leading property agencies across Ireland and the UK in order to provide you with a wide range of accommodation to choose from, making your experience of relocating a more enjoyable and less stressful one for all involved.

However, we provide much more than just rental accommodation.We can assist with all of your relocation needs ranging from hyper local info such as transport and lifestyle advice to partner or spouse support, to guarantee that you have a simple, straightforward and positive relocation experience.

Now, that’s enough about us. Why don’t you get in touch and let us help you in their new adventure.