Community beats hype every time – how happiness for relocating employees stems from strong local bonds

I was blown away by Joe Brolly’s recent piece in the For anyone who hasn’t read it check it out below. The case studies that he presented around the benefits of community were in many ways hard to believe. How can the sense of being connected and being part of a community save a person’s life?

Joe Brolly: Community beats hype every time – the GAA should note how happiness stems from strong local bonds

Our company manifesto has two high level points that cover our vision and mission:

1) To connect a globally mobile workforce to their perfect home away from home in the most streamlined and efficient user experience as possible

2) Enhance the overall rental experience of our members by building and nurturing the world’s largest relocation community

I can only speak from personal experience, for me, I have always wanted to be part of a tight-knit community. I had a football in my hand ever since I can remember, and spent most of my days in and around Pairc Esler kicking ball to anyone that would give me a couple of minutes. And if all else failed, I found the closest wall to be-friend. My local GAA club, Newry Shamrocks, is a fantastic club with fantastic people in it, but one thing i think we struggled with back then was, because we are based in ‘the town’, we found it much more difficult than our country compatriots to really build a tight-knit community feeling in and around the club. At my age group we only ever had a handful of players who would socialise together, but I would look at my friends from the country football clubs and they did everything together.They would drink together, go to school together and then go and kick lumps out of the opposition teams together. Dare I say, I was somewhat envious of this.

The irony is, it wasn’t until I moved half-way across the world to Sydney, Australia, one of the largest cities in the world, where I really got to experience what it was like to be part of this village-like, tight-knit community.

I struggled badly my first six months in Sydney. Although I was staying with two friends from home I felt a complete sense of detachment, disconnection, and now that I think about it, loneliness. Those first six months were a tough time for me. It was only until I joined Young Ireland GAA club (or football club to any non-Irish readers) that I got to experience the proper meaning of community.

(Young Ireland GAA club photo at the Sydney Harbour Bridge)

The football club only had around 100 members but every single person looked out for each other. We drank together, ate together, laughed together, cried together, supported each other and like any good family, we fought each other. But there was always someone there to talk to and lean on for support, day or night. This to me is what community is all about. It just so happened that we all had one common interest and that was the GAA, but it is my firm belief that the same sense of community can be created and nurtured from any facet of life as long as that community has one similar goal or interest. In a world where we spend most of our days online, staring at a screen, it is my belief that we should be using technology as the gateway to real world, face to face interactions and community, rather than the tool that we use to try and feel connected.

This is exactly what we are doing with Property Basecamp. We have always said that Property Basecamp is about people and not properties. Putting a roof over someone’s head is just the beginning for us. We aim to build the world’s largest relocation community so that it doesn’t matter where you are relocating too, you will always have the ability to connect with people who share a common goal or interest, foster real-life, meaningful relationships and build a strong support network in your new home away from home.

Stay tuned for some exciting news that we have on the future of Property Basecamp, coming very soon.

For anyone who would like to find out more about the work we are doing with Property Basecamp check out our website at or contact us directly at

Twitter: @propertybasecam

Instagram: property.basecamp


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