START-UP company, Property Basecamp, takes its strategic partnership portfolio to a new level following an exciting new partnership with the latest company to join the unicorn family, online bank Revolut, a collaboration which aims to transform the global mobility experience for relocating employees.


Property Basecamp is a digital application, which connects a globally mobile workforce to their perfect home away from home, in one efficient and user centred experience. In a bid to streamline the relocation process, Property Basecamp offers employees an array of quality rental accommodation based on their own individual and unique needs.


CEO and Co-Founder of Property Basecamp, Tommy Courtney, states, “This new partnership takes us to the next level when it comes to employee experience for our clients. Our users are the central focus for us at Property Basecamp, the ability to offer a stress free and positive relocation experience is our number one priority. Streamlining the global mobility process for both our clients and their employees.”


Launched in July 2015, Revolut Online Bank is leading the way in online banking, providing today’s hyper-connected world with a financial partner that adapts to customers’ needs and provides an exciting banking alternative which fits a global lifestyle.

With the ability to offer free international money transfers, fee-free global spending and the ability to set up a bank account within 60 seconds, Revolut has transformed the traditional banking industry which has seen their customers save over £200M in fees to date.

Tom continues, “The team at Revolut offer an innovative solution to a problem which is faced by many companies and their employees all over the world. Other than securing rental accommodation, setting up a bank account is the single most difficult thing to do for employees due during the relocation process. This is due to the strict requirements from banks regarding multiple proofs’ of address, something relocating employees may not have access too, having just arrived in the country. Our partnership with Revolut allows us to remove these roadblocks, with one clean, effective service and it is exactly what we want to offer our clients via our platform.


Tom concludes, “Property Basecamp is starting to pick up real attention from an international audience, which is something we have worked long and hard for. This new offering can only enhance our appeal and I would like to thank the team at Revolut for their support and look forward to working together moving forward.”


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