Corporate Relocation Providers

Full Relocation Support

On hand to support busy professionals with all relocation and property related queries.

Quality Rental Accommodation

We source the perfect home for you so that you can focus on more important things like onboarding in your new role and getting to know your new team mates.

PB Community

Being a PB Member allows you to build a strong support network, not just with your neighbours, but people from all walks of life in your new city. This really helps you settle in your new location making for a happier, more productive life.

How it Works

On average it can take budding tenants up to 42 days to finally secure rental accommodation. This not only affects the ability of your new employee to be productivity in their new role but it also causes a financial strain on the company paying for hotel and short term rentals as an interim solution.

In order to combat these problems, Property Basecamp provides your employees with access to quality rental accommodation that they can move in to as soon as they arrive in their new location.

So how does Property Basecamp help? Check it out below!

We register your company as a certified client of Property Basecamp.

Property Basecamp is an enterprise only application, meaning that this is exclusively for employees of our certified clients. So make sure to check with your boss to see if they have signed up for our services.

We create a profile for your new employee.

We provide the employee with a unique username and password to the application. Your dedicated account manager can then connect the employee to other relocating individuals if they would like to buddy-up and secure a property with another PB Member. We also provide hyper local info so that your employee is educated on local amenities, transport and everything they need to get up and running in their new city.


Your employee can search Property Basecamp for their new home.

Your employee gets direct access to a wide range of readily available rental accommodation as well as ongoing support from our fantastic relocation support team.

Your employee confirms their selection and moves into their new home.

It’s as simple as that. Your new employee has found long term rental accommodation before they even start the first day of work, allowing them to hit the ground running without the stress of house hunting.